About the project

Solar PV based CCTVs is the unique solution to security in very remote areas where electricity and LAN/Wi-Fi connectivity is not easily accessed or not feasible. This unique combination not only solve the problem of powering to CCTV but also give remote access to the site via GSM technology. This eliminates the power cables, communication cable and interface required at Camera location. The integrated Solar CCTV provides unique blend of Solar Power for remote generation and storage with LiFePO4 batteries, LED lights and GSM 4G connectivity to communicate with mobile application. The Solar CCTV comes with PTZ or Bullet camera technology used for variety of application in agriculture, highways and industries.
Series TR-55
Wattage LiFePO4 Battery  Solar Panel MRP
40W 10AH/3.2V 15W/6V ₹ 9,000
60W 15AH/3.2V 20W/6V ₹ 11,500
100W 20AH/3.2V 25W/6V ₹ 14,500
200W 25AH/3.2V 30W/6V ₹ 19,500
Series TR-11
Wattage LiFePO4 Battery  Solar Panel MRP
25W 10AH/3.2V 6W/6V ₹ 8,250
Series TR-120
Wattage LiFePO4 Battery  Solar Panel MRP
24W 12Ah/12.8V 60W/12V ₹ 27,000
24W 18Ah/12.8V 60W/12V ₹ 31,250
50W 30Ah/12.8V 75W/12V ₹ 42,500
50W 30Ah/12.8V 120W/12V ₹ 47,800