Agricultural Solutions

Developing countries, particularly in South East Asia have the advantage of good solar radiation for nearly 300 days in a year. In India – being a tropical country it courts abundant solar radiation. Millions of Farmers in rural areas in India have either invested on their own or with Government support for drilling bore wells for cultivating farm produces but do not have regular supply of 3 phase electricity to pump out water when the lands require water. This is where solar power can come into the rescue of these poor farmers who either depend upon lift irrigation or rain fed cultivation. The technological development and with Make in India initiative the cost of the solar panels and other renewable energy systems will be affordable. This will helps to peasants to use their own electricity at remote location.

The development in the rural area will grow slowly and will slow down migration of the people to the cities in some extent. The beauty of the solar energy is, it is available freely almost 300 days in India and can be remotely generated and stored in lithium ion batteries. The upcoming electrical tractors required for farming sector will also reduce the upfront expenses of the farmer. The macro-grid will help the farmer to generate its own electricity and use it for his home, pumping system, charging electrical vehicles and runs farm under hydroponics. The development in hydroponics will set a culture of using open terrace land under the solar power generating systems in cities to utilize same available space for multiple activities.