Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC’s)

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance since there are no moving parts. Panels should be periodically inspected for any dirt or residue that may settle on them. The panels, inverter and the whole system performance is checked periodically to get desired output. Depend upon the size of the project, location and cleaning frequency and scope of work we do annual contract with client which is renewed before the end of the financial year. We also provide Nano coating which actually helps to reduce cleaning cycles, less usage of water for cleaning and easy removal of dust to enhance the per day power generation through solar panels. We provide IOT based monitoring solutions to solar projects to watch its scheduled performance, cleaning cycles and to check performance parameters.

We alsocater to solar panel cleaning services – please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our professional cleaners. This is a better choice for panels that are at a very high elevation to reach well with a garden hose or if you want a more thorough cleaning, for maximizing the efficiency and performance.Standard solar panel maintenance is the best way to make sure they are always at their best efficiency