On-Grid Solutions

We firmly believe that incentivizing consumersto generate self-power through rooftop installations and feeding excess power to the grid, is a forthcoming solution to our country’s power sector woes viz. supply deficit and high T&D losses.Here we can club various renewable energy generating systems such as Solar, Wind, Hydro, Bio-Mass and Bio-Fuel Solid Waste to run the load and export excess power to utility grid. Due to simplicity in design, initial setup cost of the plant and maintenance the plant size ranges from Kilowatt to Megawatt scales on rooftop and ground mounted.

We provide turnkey EPC services for grid-connected residential, commercial and industrial rooftop solar power installations along with EV charging units. We support in every phase of the plant installation including design, engineering, project installation, post-installation support, ensuring the plant withstands wind events, thermal expansion and contraction, and significant rainfall. We provide variety of rooftop solutions on Cement roof, TIN shade, Car Parking’s, Solar Tress and Customized or Elevated Structures as per requirements in assurance to industry norms.


Commercial rooftop solar projects offer an excellent ROI in most markets. We provide turnkey EPC services for commercial solar plant installations along with EV charging units. As roof top solar systems use the building structure and electrical system, hence minimizing additional materials that would normally be required for ground mounts.

We provide commercial solar solutions for a wide variety of verticals, such as Indian Railways, Commercial Clients, Banks, Educational Institutions, Industrial Clients, Hospitals, Government Entities, PSUs, Non-profit Organizations, Schools and Colleges.

Benefits of On-Grid Solar (Power Generating Renewable Systems)

  • Pay less for your energy bills.
  • Returns on solar projects starting from 20% to more than 50% and above.
  • Battery less operation hence minimum maintenance and warranty more than 25 years.
  • Contribute towards the environment by using clean and sustainable energy.
  • Save on your energy bills by exporting excess energy to the grid.
  • Charge your Electric Vehicles. No worries for Fuel charges any more.
  • Avail different government benefits for shifting to Renewable Energy.

Despite of very much cost effective and having very less maintenance in comparison to off-grid and hybrid systems, this technology fails to operate in absence of grid failure or in power shutdowns. To avoid any accidental events or death by feeding back solar (or any renewable) power to grid in the time of grid maintenance;grid utility supplier (Government Body) made it mandatorily to shut down renewable energy plants in absence of grid power or failure. In On-Grid systems more than one system can be configured to match the energy needs which indirectly shift this system to Hybrid system without battery backup.