Solar Cold Storage

Indian farmers have always struggled with reducing wastage of their produce due to a variety of reasons, including instable market linkages and lack of facilities to store fast perishable items for any length of time. Food wastage in South and Southeast Asia is nearly 40%, according to estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization.One way to reduce wastage is to have air-conditioned warehouses where perishable produce can be kept. But there are many issues with that too. Power supply in rural areas is unreliable, with frequent outages. Also, it has been found that as much as 30% of the total expense of cold storage is energy costs.

The solar cold storage will not only helps to farmer to save the crops wastage but also retain its quality. The cost of running such cold storages is completely zero as its runs solar power. Currently, capacity of 2000 kg to 5000 kg farm produce is available.