Solar Fencing

A solar fence works like an electric fence which delivers a brief yet fierce shock when human beings or animals come in contact with the fence. The shock enables a deterrent effect while ensuring that no loss of life is caused.

Features of a solar fence

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Highly reliable as it functions irrespective of grid failure
  • No physical harm caused to human beings or animals
  • Cost-effective
  • Makes use of renewable solar energy
  • Generally, comes with a centralized alarm system
  • Conformity with national and international safety standards.

Areas of application

  • Solar fencing has a wide scope of application and can be used at places like:
  • Domestic applications such as at residential homes
  • Industrial applications such as at factories
  • Agricultural applications such as in farms and forests
  • Parks & Zoos
  • Military stations & police stations
  • Schools & hospitals