Solar Micro-Grids

Solar micro-grid system actually usage the same solar or renewable power generating devices to different kind of loads. This will save the upfront cost require for generating devices and utilized the same power in different time zones. We have micro-grid system in Bhor, Pune of 2 HP Solar Off-Grid since 2019. This system utilizes the same set of panels to run the pump and home load at different time zones. The pump directly runs from the solar PV panels while the home load runs on the battery in the same time. We have 3 HP and 5 HP micro-grid systems available with us and 7.5 HP is under development.

The solar micro-grid system can be used in rural areas, where electricity consumption is moderate and the entire plant is set up to run the home appliances of the whole community. With affordable storage solution in near future the plant capacity can be installed ranges from 25 kWp to 100 kWp or more.