Rooftop Power Projects

Rooftop Power Projects for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agriculture Sectors.

At Aeos Energiea, we not only understand the customer needs of electricity (energy) but we do support in identifying best suitable renewable technology by means of geographical location and most importantly budget. We do survey to the site and find out best suitable location and technology keeping future needs in mind. Our team promotes the other benefits and infrastructure which is future based and support to upcoming trend of renewable energy such as EV charging station and Bio-mass energy etc.


ABOUT service

1. On-Grid Solutions

We firmly believe that incentivizing consumersto generate power through rooftop installations and feeding the grid, is a forthcoming solution to our country’s power sector woes viz. supply deficit and high T&D losses.

We provide turnkey EPC services for grid-connected residential rooftop solar power installations. We support in every phase of the plant installation including design, engineering, project installation, post-installation support, ensuring the plant withstands wind events, thermal expansion and contraction, and significant rainfall.

Commercial rooftop solar projects offer an excellent ROI in most markets. We provide turnkey EPC services for commercial solar plant installations. As roof top solar systems use the building structure and electrical system, hence minimizing additional materials that would normally be required for ground mounts.

We provide commercial solar solutions for a wide variety of verticals, such as Indian Railways, Commercial Clients, Banks, Educational Institutions, Industrial Clients, Hospitals, Government Entities, PSUs, Non-profit Organizations, and Schools.

Benefits of On-Grid Solar

2. Solar Power Plants

Whether you are a company interested in a captive solar power plant for your needs or a power producer looking to scale up solar power in your portfolio, Aeos Energiea designs a fully integrated and customized solar power plant project for you. We have the expertise to manage solar energy projects of any scale and to work within the confines of regulatory policies and varied geographies, in rural as well as urban sectors.

  • We have a wealth of experience in managing utility scale projects with insight into what it takes to work within the demands of regulatory policies and varying geographies, both in urban and rural areas.

3. Off Grid Solutions

In off-grid, electricity generated by solar energy can be used to run any household appliances and industrial machineries. Off-grid solar electricity is for residential or industries that do not have access to grid electricity – i.e. a house, office, or an industry cannot be or chooses not to be supplied electricity from a power company.  These systems offer complete autonomy and independence from the national grid and power companies, meaning you never have an electricity bill.

Simply sun shines on solar PV panels on your roof or mounted near your house. These panels generate electricity which powers your home and chargesthe batteries. These batteries allow you to store electricity for use at night or times of low production like cloudy days.

4. Electrical Works

We offer services in electrical works, such as maintenance of circuit breakers, VCB material supply, and erection of LT and HT lines.

5. Hybrid

6. Maintenance

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance since there are no moving parts. Panels should be periodically inspected for any dirt or residue that may settle on them. Always ensure you are safety conscious when inspecting panels! If your panels are too high up on the roof to see very well from the ground, use caution with ladders.

For a general cleaning, simply use a standard garden hose to wash the face of the panels during either the early morning or in the evening. Avoid spraying cold water onto hot panels or you may risk cracking them!

There are also automated cleaners that work similar to sprinklers, which can be programmed to clean your panels as needed – a good choice if you are especially in a dusty area.

We alsocater to solar panel cleaning services – please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our professional cleaners. This is a better choice for panels that are at a very high elevation to reach well with a garden hose or if you want a more thorough cleaning, for maximizing the efficiency and performance.Standard solar panel maintenance is the best way to make sure they are always at their best efficiency.