We found his field expertise and domain knowledge are very futuristic. Very professional work and service. Used best in class material and guided us well to why to go for it. We have installed 6 kWp solar on-grid system and upgraded to 10 kWp after getting the benefit from the old one. We are able to save 15k to 18k per month. We highly recommend his services to one who looking for renewable energy solutions.

Sagar, done the fantastic work and gave confidence on Solar when we were in dilemma on solar policy. Very professional and hard-working team with numerous options in hand, in accordance to customer budget. We have installed solar system to our house first and then opted to our manufacturing unit which saves yearly 2.2 lakhs. Highly recommended to one who looks for renewable energy solutions in energy space.

Sagar is very professional and a talented engineer. We gave him a problem of designing a solar agricultural pump system (10 hp) for a mountainous location with a head height of more than 80 m. He was able to execute the project flawlessly and now we have been using the pump for 6 months and have not had to use a single unit of grid electricity. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to execute any project big or small in this space.

Recently, I got a 5 KW system installed by Aeos Energiea for my house. The results are amazing. Even in cloudy weather, the system generates enough electricity. The Aeos Energiea team extremely professional. So, the system installation work was hassle free. All materials used were top notch and as promised.  If anyone is planning to install a solar power plant, I will highly recommend Aeos Energiea.

We had a trouble shoot of solar pumping system more than 2 years and unable to resolve problem at our site with earlier integrator. Sagar Jadhav and his team approached us and not only resolved the pumping issue in 15 days but also pumped water to 120 m head height which was commendable work. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to execute renewable energy projects especially in solar systems.